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POLAR PRINTER : An Instant Classic


The Polar 3D Printer is more than the next generation of 3D Printing — it’s a revolutionary vision of 3D printing for the modern classroom. It puts the incredible power of polar coordinates that leaps past the competitors in the hands of you and your students. Our easy to use design and cloud interface makes the once-complex task of managing 3D printing as natural and reliable as 2D printing. And with a 314 cubic inch build volume on a printer that weighs only 10lbs, the Polar Classic 3D Printer is more reliable, versatile, and valuable than any 3D printer before. Already, the Polar is an instant classic.

Build Volume


The advantage to our printer — Polar Coordinates — is best expressed in the build volume advantage we have over other printers. The bigger the build volume, the more you can build to your heart's content. With our 8" diameter and 6.25" tall build volume we offer the best build volume for our price point. As for our competitors, let's just say that the next priciest 3d printer isn't even close.

Reliability & Ease


We know that in the classroom, you don't have time to tinker. We designed the Polar printer with reliability and ease in mind. We use far less parts than the cartesian competitors. That lets us focus on better performing parts so you don't have to become a 3D printer repairman. We've also taken classroom safety into account: we don't use a heated build-plate and we protect our hot-end from little fingers getting burned. From top to bottom, we've built our printer to be your first choice as an educator.

Polar Cloud Connected


Other 3D Printers require that you dedicate a computer to control it, and that someone learn and manage new slicing software too — not so with a Polar Printer. Do you have a smartphone? Or any device with a browser? Of course you do, and you can control your Polar Printer with it. Load .stl files, position your buildplate, set full Cura settings, and watch live video of your print from any browser. We even take a timelapse video of every print for you. With the free Polar Cloud connectivity built into every Polar Printer, you can control and print from anywhere in the world. 



BUILD ENVELOPE:   8" Diameter x 6.25" Height (314 cubic inches)


BUILD MATERIAL:     Non-Proprietary 1.75mm materials (PLA, ABS, Wood, Carbon, etc.)

TECHNOLOGY:    Fused Filament Fabrication 

LAYER RESOLUTION:     50-400 Microns

NOZZLE DIAMETER:     0.4mm (.015in)

SOFTWARE:       The Polar Cloud, from any browser

FILE TYPES:      .stl, .obj, .p3d

SUPPORTS:      Chromebooks, Mobile Devices, Mac, & PC 

INTEGRATES:      Google Drive, Google Classroom

CONNECTIVITY:     Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Ethernet, USB